Ines Maria Marzo

Ines Maria Marzo (born 1996, Italy) is currently based in Italy.

She graduated from Edinburgh Napier University in Fine Art Photography (Hons) in July 2020.

Ines defines herself as a conceptual photographer, forever fascinated by photomicrography and its ability to unveil the most remote details, hidden to the human eye.

Photo Credit: Natalia Paklikowska.

Artist Statement

My artwork evolves around artistic and technical exploration, minimalism, shapes and love for the details; it is the manifestation of a thought and the outcome of an extended research.

I have always been fascinated by details and their ability to manifest the essence of things. As for me, it is a necessity to be able to focus on a subject matter and enlarge it to reveal its textures and its unique characteristics, which would otherwise be hidden from our sight. Through this photographic investigation and contextual analysis, we are able to understand the subject matter in its entirety and to achieve a great proximity with its core and nature. By virtue of an in-depth knowledge of the subject matter, it is possible to unpack it and construct a photographic representation of the object itself as a new and distinct matter. This transformation conveys additional information, which leads to enrich our perception and the understanding of the world around us.



2016 – 2020  BA (Hons) Photography at Edinburgh Napier University, Edinburgh, United Kingdom

January – July 2019  Fine Art at Minerva Art Academy, Hanzehogeschool Groningen, University of Applied Sciences, Groningen, The Netherlands. 

2010 – 2015  Languages and Literature at Liceo Classico L. Ariosto, Ferrara, Italy


TBC  Free Range

London, UK

June 12 – 14, 2019  Through Your Eyes

Hanze University (location Zernikeplein), Groningen, the Netherlands

May 14, 2019  De Broek aan.

Academy Minerva (location Praediniussingel), Groningen, the Netherlands

February 11 –15, 2019  Rhapsody in Blue

Academy Minerva (location Praediniussingel), Groningen, the Netherlands

January 2019  Take Away Cup Project

Hendersons of Edinburgh, Scotland, UK

November 2018  Take Away Cup Project

Già Via Garibaldi 11, Copparo, Ferrara, Italy


- Film, Digital Photography

- Adobe (PS, Lr, Br)

- iOS, Microsoft Softwares

- Brother PE-DESIGN Embroidery Software

- Foreign Languages (English, Italian, French, Spanish, German)

Selected Clients

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