Ines Maria Marzo

Through Your Eyes

In preparation for the Through Your Eyes Exhibition, each member of the Collective conducted research into each other's artistic practice and life. Through interviews and personal interactions, we created a circle of investigation. The ultimate purpose of this Exhibition has been understanding why and how each one of us works; learning to work from one another’s perspective, from fathoming each other's methods to replicating each other's work. The research processes and our reflections have also been thoroughly discussed and documented in a short movie.

Groningen, the Netherlands. 2019.


Concept of Time,  2019

21 photographic prints on lightweight foam board

147 x 120 cm

For the Through Your Eyes Exhibition I created a piece of work recalling one of Gianluca‘s latest works, The Hill, from the series “The less it leaves its mark”. The research I conducted about Gianluca’s artistic perception and the importance of time in his practice culminated in this final photographic outcome recalling the themes of repetition through time and its results. To mimic the concept of repetition I used long exposure, capturing the motion of the sparks of burning steel wool. I have chosen a fragmented display to underline the human perception of time as a linear concept, alongside the spiralling and inexorably of time itself, that like the circle created by the burning steel wool, it drowns us.


Behind the scenes of Through Your Eyes.


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