Ines Maria Marzo

Ines Maria Marzo (born 1996, Italy) is currently based in Italy.

She completed her studies at Edinburgh Napier University with an Honors degree in Fine Art Photography in July 2020.

Ines has always been fascinated by details, that often elude ordinary human perception, undisputed protagonists in the realm of photomicrography.

Photo Credit: Natalia Paklikowska.

Artist Statement

My artistic expression is characterized by the fusion of minimalism and details. It is imperative to delve into a subject matter, magnifying it to unveil its textures and its unique features, which remain otherwise concealed from casual observation. By virtue of an in-depth photographic exploration of the subject, I am empowered to unravel its complexities and craft a photographic representation that transforms it into a new, distinct entity that enhances our perception and establishes a profound connection with its core and inherent essence. The further investigation of this newfound identity transforms the symmetrical and harmonious patterns of nature into carefully crafted micro-landscapes.

Solo Exhibitions

cervisia /ceruìsia/

Darsena Craft Beer, Navigli District, Milan, March 20-26, 2023.

Collective Exhibitions

Centro Ricerca Altrove Narrativo (Pluritempo e Affini)

Casa Museo Renato Volpini, Porta Romana District, Milan, January 20, 2023 - today

La Vita, le Opere, l'Altrove

Casa Museo Renato Volpini, Porta Romana District, Milan, November 11, 2022 - today

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